Artists' Magazines : An Alternative Space for Art
  • critical theory
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  • 368 pp.
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  • ISBN 9780262015196

Artists' Magazines : An Alternative Space for Art

Gwen Allen

Artists' Magazines : An Alternative Space for Art


Critical theory book on the development of periodicals by artists. Includes index to most of the major titles in appendix as "A Compendium of Artists' Magazines from 1945 to 1989." Includes details on +-0 (Plus Moin Zéro); 0 to 9; 4 Taxis; 8 x 10 Art Portfolio; A (Edition A); ABC No Rio Magazine; Agentzia; Aggie Weston's; Aktual Art; Alfabeta; Amazon Quarterly: A Lesbian Arts Journal; American Living; Analytical Art; An Anthology; Apeïros; Appearances; De Appel; Approches; Aqui; Archibras; Archigram; Ark; Art Aktuell; Art & Project Bulletin; Art Communication Edition (ACE) / Strike; Arte Postale!; Artes Visuales; Artitudes International; Art-Language; Art Now: New York; Art Papers; Artpolice; Artpoll Letter (Aktuális Levél); Art-Rite; Artscribe; Art & Text; Art Workers Newsletter / Artworkers News / Art & Artists; Artzien; Aspen; Assembling; Audio Arts; Ausgabe; Avalanche; Axe; A/YA; Azimuth; The Balloon Newspaper; Benzene; Big Deal; Bijutso Shihyo; Bile; Bit; Bit International; Black Art; Black on White (Cerné na Bílém / Schwarz auf Weiss / Black on White / Noir sur Blanc); Black Phoenix; Blast; Blok; Boa; Bomb; Brumes Blondes; Bulletin From Nothing; Caterpillar; Centerfold / Fuse; Cheval d'Attaque; Choke; Chorus; Chrysalis; Circolare Sinistra; La Città di Riga; Cobra; Collective-Copy; Collective Farm; Commonpress; Control; Cover; Criss-Cross Communications / Criss-Cross Art Communications; Cris Cross Double Cross; Culture Hero; D.P.V. Der Politische Ventilator; Dadazine; Daily Bul; Data; Dé-coll/age; Diagonal Cero; Dimanche; Doc(k)s; Documents I; Dot Zero; The Dumb Ox; The Duplex Planet; Ear; East Village Eye; E.A.T. News; Eau de Cologne; Edda; Edition After Hand; Effects; Ephemera; L'Esperienza Moderna; Extensions; Extra; Factotum Art; Fandangos; File; Film Culture; The Flue; Fluxus; Form; The Fox; Frameworks; Fuck You; Futura; Geiger; Il Gesto; Gorona; Gutai; Heresies; Hexágono; High Performance; L'Humidité; IAC Info / International Artists Cooperation Info; Image Nation; Impluse; Integration; Interfunktionen; Intermedia; Internationale Situationniste; International Graffiti Times; Interview; Is; It Is; Just Another Asshole; Kaldron; Kalejdoskop; King Kong International; Kiroku; Kirokutai; Kulchur; Kunststoff; KWY; L.A. Artists' Publication; LAICA Journal; Lacre; Landslide; Left Curve; Lightworks; Lip; Lotta Poetica; Der Löwe; Luna-Park; Macula; Mail Order Art; Maj 75; Malasartes; La Mamelle / Art Contemporary / Artcom; Manipulations; Manipulator; Material; Me; M/E/A/N/I/N/G; Mec; Mentalni Prostor; Metki; MW; Nadada; Neon de Suro; Nervenkritik; Nervo Óptico; New Observation; New York Correspondence School Weekly Breeder; De Nieuwe Stijl; North and North-Information; Nota; Nove; Nul = 0; Numbered Books (5 Numbered Books); Nummer; October; Omnibus News; Only Paper Today / Proof Only; On Site; Open Letter; Other Voices; Ou / Cinquième Saison; Ovum / Ouvm 10 / Ovum 2A; Pages; Palazzo; Panderma; Parachute; Paralleogramme; Parentèse; Paso de Peatones; Performance Art / Live; Periodical; Le Petit Colosse de Symi; Phases; The Plumed Horn / El Corno Emplumado; Plural; Poetrie; Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.; Possibilities; Potlatch; Praxis; Présence Africaine; Profile; Prop; Provoke; Public Illumination; Queen Street Magazine; Radar; Radical Software; Rampike; Raw; Reaktion; Reality; Real Life; Red Herring; Red Letter Days; Redtape; Reflex; Review for Everything; Rhinozeros; Pixes; Robho; Rok; Salamander; Salon; San Francisco Earthquake; Sie Schastrommel / Die Drossel; Schmuck; Scrap; Semina; Semiontext(e); Signal; Signals; Sites; The Situationist Times; Smile; S.M.S. [Shit Must Stop / Some More Shit]; Snore Comix; Soft Art Press; Some/Thing; Something Else Press; Sondern; Souffles; Source; Spanner / New York Spanner; Spectacle; Spirale; Spur; Stereo Headphones; Straight; Straight Turkey; Strange Faeces; Stroll; Subvers; Sun & Moon; Sunday Clothes; Svart á Hvítu; Ta' / Ta' Box; Tafelronde; Techne; Techné; Tellus; The Tiger's Eye; Toothpick, Lisbon, and The Orcas Islands; Top Stories; Tracks; Trans/Formation; Tripping Corpse; Tri-Quarterly; Umbrella; Unmuzzled Ox; Upfront; Vargen; VH 101; View; Vile; Vision; V Tre; Wedge; West Bay Dadaist / Quoz?; Wet; Whitewalls; Women Artists Newsletter / Women Artists News; X Motion Picture / X; Zero; ZG; Zipper; Zone; Zweitschrift. "Magazine publishing is an exercise in ephemerality and transience; each issue goes out in the world only to be rendered obsolete by the next. To publish a magazine is to enter into a heightened relationship with the present moment. During the 1960s and 1970s, magazines became an important new site of artistic practice, functioning as an alternative exhibition space for the dematerialized practices of conceptual art. Artists created works expressly for these mass-produced, hand-editioned pages, using the ephemerality and the materiality of the magazine to challenge the conventions of both artistic medium and gallery. In Artists' Magazines, Gwen Allen looks at the most important of these magazines in their heyday (the 1960s to the 1980s) and compiles a comprehensive, illustrated directory of hundreds of others. " -- publisher's statement.

objects referenced in this publication

Zeitschrift für Alles / Review for Everything / Timarit fyvir Allt [Full Run, All Published] / Nr. 1 - Nr. 9, Nr. 10A, Nr. 10B
View : The Modern Magazine / Marcel Duchamp Number, Series V, No. 1 (March 1945)
Cobra / No. 3 (November 1948)
Semina Two
Film Culture / No. 2 (No. 12) 1957
Film Culture : The Motion Picture and TV Monthly / Vol. 3, No. 3 (No. 13) (October 1957)
Film Culture : The Motion Picture and TV Monthly / Vol. 3, No. 4 (No. 14) (November 1957)
Film Culture : The Motion Picture and TV Monthly / Vol. 3, No. 5 (No. 15) (December 1957)
It Is : A Magazine for Abstract Art / No. 1 (Spring 1958)
Film Culture : The Motion Picture and TV Monthly / Vol. IV, No. 2 (No. 17) (February 1958)
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